I was born with half my left forearm.

Ain’t I cute?

. (Looking back as an adult, knowing time and place, that was not easy at the start.) My grandmother never really did get over it. My grandparents were working class, and the assumption was one had to have all limbs in order to get a job.

I was never treated as “different” by my parents. They did let me choose when to have a prosthetic hook. One of my earliest memories was when I was five, and spending the summer with my grandparents…

For example, they are told cannabis is equivalent to hard drugs, like heroin and cocaine. They figure out it's a lie, therefore all of the "drug education" is a lie.

. But good research shows that if they are told the truth about all drugs, starting wit the legal ones (alcohol, cigarettes), they will listen when it comes to the hard drugs. …

Good for you explicitly raising a strong girl. My family marries and spawns strong women.

You are doing fine. You are giving her good life lessons. She will do well.

Quite frankly, modern society does not let kids be kids. "Play dates" and "Helicopter parenting" are resulting in a generation of kids who don't have the skills to think for themselves, or have a good self-reliance.

I taught my son to solder at age 2. By the time he was 6, he was better than me. He was building stuff by cutting out cardboard with sharp knives and duct tape…

Harness Leash

My son was an “energetic” child. When he started walking at around 9 months, we used a harness leash. We first tried a wrist strap, but he ripped it off and handed it back, with the attitude “these are for amateurs”.

I also took a business card, wrote as much contact info (us, our parents), laminated it, and cable-tied it to the harness.

We got the typical “You are treating your child like an animal!”. The fact is:

When he could understand us (age 3), with great…

Spot on.

My son was an "energetic" child. There were times when we would be very tired & he was set on "11". But it was worth it.

I had an interview with Amazon. The 30 minute C coding test was to take a 4x4 matrix of integers and rotate them left 90 degrees. I started out with a brute force solution - the goal was to demonstrate I know C (I have 43+ years of C and over 1 million lines of C to my name).

The guy wanted an elegant solution in 15 minutes. I don't do well on timed tests. I just could not see the elegant method. I had a chat with my son (who works at Amazon). When I told him about the test, turns out it's an IEEE test - and you are given 1.5 hours to solve it.

Plus, I have seen job postings that are looking for 10 years experience in s 5 year old technology.

I agree with*everything* the author wrote.

If you follow a good design process, you can turn the design document into the comments and function header comments.

There is "Literate Programming" where you use TeX or another similar tool to do the design document, then go back and put the code. The source code is the TeX file.


I was reading this post: https://levelup.gitconnected.com/how-to-plan-for-success-when-starting-a-new-technical-project-901599161629

It made a lot of sense, but it was missing the critical part of how to plan. Planning should be done at the creation of a system (any system complex enough for sides of the napkin) for changes (which are guaranteed to occur).

One time-tested formal method is Systems Engineering. (SE). This is used in projects like aircraft and medical devices. There are specific versions (medical has a set) and aircraft (DO-178C, others). However, they easily scale to whatever system you need. For…

One trick when working from home is to wear a "work hat:". When you are working, wear the hat, and your family knows to not disturb you.

Various studies (Jerry Weinberg, et.al) show it takes you 15 minutes to get "in the groove", but most environments interrupt every 11 minutes.

I also like listening to psydub and similar music because it is the right beat for my brain.

[quote] Nowadays, it (SW) is used to run MRI machines and radiation therapy machines and surgical robots and nuclear power plants and drive cars and fly airplanes, and so on. ... Today, when software fails, it means I get a lethal dose of radiation.... ( For those of you who think I’m concocting hypothetical scenarios for fear-mongering … I refer you to the incidents with Therac-25. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therac-25. The result being an international standard (IEC 62304) for medical device software. The authors of IEC 62304 identify a set of criteria to determine whether the software is sufficiently safe to be included…

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