Good for you explicitly raising a strong girl. My family marries and spawns strong women.

You are doing fine. You are giving her good life lessons. She will do well.

Quite frankly, modern society does not let kids be kids. "Play dates" and "Helicopter parenting" are resulting in a generation of kids who don't have the skills to think for themselves, or have a good self-reliance.

I taught my son to solder at age 2. By the time he was 6, he was better than me. He was building stuff by cutting out cardboard with sharp knives and duct tape at age 5 or 6. Things that would send the "mom group" into spasms. We encouraged him (and supplied him with) things to take apart or hack as he wanted to. He built many things. He loved building robots.

He is a fantastic adult.

We need more women in tech. If she is interested in building things, robots are a great vector into STEM. You can get all the parts you need on Amazon, (started by a strong woman with an MIT engineering degree, named after Lady Ada, another strong woman mathematician and the first programmer), and There are microprocessors called Arduino that you can get very cheaply - I use them for fun and in my professional life. The toolset is free at (get the version you download onto your computer, NOT the net-based version.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

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